Lake Hood is a real experience for the float plane pilot who has spent most of his time going into remote lakes. It is the busiest float pond in the world, less than a mile from the busiest airport in Alaska, less than a block from Lake Hood Strip and when you land on the pond on the west approach you miss the hotels at the end of the lake by a few hundred feet. Lake Hood was made from two lakes, Lake Hood and Lake Spennard.

There are 3 hotels at the lake and a B&B, I like the Marriott Court Yard the best. It is new, clean and has a laundry which is usually needed if you are on an extended float plane trip. The Millennium has good bars, restaurants and better views. If you stay there get a room with a view of the lake. I have not stayed at the B&B because it is always full but I have heard good reports. Some times they will let you tie your plane in front of the B&B. The Millennium is 100 yards from the Court Yard so it easy to eat at the good restaurants at the Millennium if you are staying at the other hotels.

The services the Alaska Airmen provide will pay for their membership for many years in one visit. I park my plane at their headquarters and call one of the hotel vans to get to the hotel. The Alaska Airmen will also loan you a truck to get supplies. In 2011 I got stuck for three days in Anchorage and they were very helpful in finding hotels and things for us to do while we waited for the weather. Don’t leave home without your Alaska Airmen’s card.

At the north east end of the lake there are four transit slips within walking distance of the hotels.

Alaska Airmen  907 245 1251/800 464 7030

Chugach NF 1907 224 3374 Cabin guy Pat Cook 907 288 7711

Cessna Parts at Floats Alaska 907 248 7070

Marriott Court Yard direct     907 245 0322

Millennium Hotel                     907 243 2300

Coast International                  907 243 2233

Lake Hood Inn B&B                  907 258 9321

Alaska Airmen Headquarters in the best spot in Lake Hood, Lots of places to tie up your plane.
Annie the dog runs the reception desk at Alaska Airmen Headquarters.
Alaska Airmen Headquarters at the bottom of the picture, next to the red plane.
Lake Hood scene. 
N333FF moored at Alaska Airmen's dock.

View from the Millennium Hotel.