Survival Gear

See Electronic section for radio equipment required and Airplane Considerations for life jackets.

When we are in the plane or walking around we have our coats on which contain our basic survival equipment. If we get lost in the wood or leave the burning plane we have basic equipment ready to go. The coats we use are Patagonia water proof fishing jackets. I have been looking for a good coat with a built in life jacket. Both our coats have the same equipment.

One pocket contains the following: orange cases for matches and fire starter, strobe light, compass, and whistle. 

The other pocket contains a handkerchief, flashlight, Letterman with a good saw blade, 6 x 8 foot sheet of plastic with rope, fire starter, and a bag with miscellaneous survival stuff.

Our main survival gear goes into a medium size knapsack with a 10 x 12 blue tarp. Blue is easy to see as a visual signal. These are cheap from Wal-Mart, red would also work. 

I have been on survival drills where we slept in plastic bags in 20 degree temperature. Better than nothing but it had a major problem with moisture buildup. We now carry bevy sacks which are made of breathable material. We also carry a bear spray in the survival pack. 

Miscellaneous gear most of which you can see. If you do not die in the crash the big reason for death is hypothermia. Keeping a fire going through the night is not easy, carry a good saw. Foil squares in upper left are survival food. Small gray on right side is a survival stove.

A small water filter will keep you from getting sick.

Nothing better than hot liquid to keep you warm. You need a small pot to heat it along with some dry coffee and bouillon cubes. The gravy packet is to add a little flavor if I have to eat something strange. 

Medical bag one contains all the small first aid items and various pills for typical travel diseases. It goes on the top of the pack so it easy to get it.

Medical bag two is for is for major trauma. This includes QuikClot for bleeding control, burn medication, tape, big pads and an EpiPen.  

Looks like a lot but weighs in at 18 pounds.