Misc Equipment

Chairs are critical. The cheaper they are the lighter. The ones I use cost less than ten dollars. They also are shorter and fit in my Aerocets. They last about a year and then I toss them. I have looked long and hard for a quality light weight chair but have not found one.

I have tried sun showers which are all black and ones which are black with a clear front. The clear ones work better. A lot of the time we use water out of the pot when it is cloudy. Also find putting it on the cowling of the hot plane seems to help. Use a camp towel, they dry faster. 

We like a good bed. This is the only area we sacrifice weight for comfort. We use a full size mattress (74x54), sheets, pillows and a light weight quilt. The air pump we use is made by Aero Bed and runs on 8 C batteries. This pump has one flaw; it has a lite which is turned on by a push switch which always seems to go on when it is packed with the sheets. I taped on a washer around the switch to prevent the problem. We also like the Colman pump. These pumps are great for getting a fire started.  A camp mattress and a sleeping bag works fine.

I have switched from Coleman Lanterns to battery lights. They are lighter, you do not have deal with the fuel and they are less dangerous. The best one I have found is a Genesis model AREV 185L, This works as a lantern or a flashlight. Runs on 4 AA batteries which seems to last a long time. When you buy one of these lights you want over 150 lumens, hangs on a lanyard, and has a LED in it. The Genesis has 185 lumens. The florescent lights are not bright enough.