Food and Dishes

Summer in Alaska is great place to be and good food makes it better. We cook a great dinner and breakfast every day and usually just have a bar for lunch because we are normally out doing something. A good bottle of vine makes it perfect. Picture taken on the deck at Virginia Lake Cabin. 

We carry the biggest soft cooler we can find which we can stuff in the floats. We have Aerocets so the hatch is bigger than most. When we are in town we get two blocks of ice and a bag. This last for four nights. 

If you get a chance get some glacier ice, it last longer and taste better in your Crown Royal. Keeps you form going to town for ice.

We carry two MSR Whisperlite Shaker Jet Backpacking Stoves with a base which is critical to give it stability. We have tried other stoves but these are the best. MSR makes a stove which burns multiple fuels, the MSR DragonFly Backpacking Stove. It is not as adjustable, OK for survival packs but not for cooking every day. The two pots nest together as do the cups, the cups fit in the pots. The strainer is for coffee, we boil water, add coffee, wait till it is ready and then strain it. This eliminates the need for a coffee pot. All pots, lids, and cups made of titanium, super lite. We burn about a gallon of fuel every two weeks.

We have a plastic pail, which holds the big metal pot, which holds the titanium set, spice pack, silverware, dishes, cutting board and stoves. The whole thing goes in a bag which holds other miscellaneous kitchen items. The metal pot is critical in maintaining a good supply of hot water.  

All the utensils are made of light weight titanium or plastic. Good quality camp plastic-ware is as good as the titanium and much cheaper. Get a good quality folding knife. 

All the spices, sugar, and other granular food items go into breast milk bags. They double seal, have a place to write what is in the bag and are sterilized out of the box. The round container fits perfectly into the pail.

We carry a 3 gallon water can and a Sawyer water filter which works of gravity. This filter produces a gallon in 5 minutes with no pumping; fill the gray bag and stick the hose in the tank. I just bought this so it is not tested. Instead of leaving with 3 gallons I am now going to leave with 1 gallon and make the rest. System weighs 1 pound 2 gallons of water I use to carry weighs 15 pounds.