Down loads / map issues

This file contains all of my Waypoints and Routes as of March 2016. If you have issues contact me at  When you hit the down arrow below it will move my file in your download area on your computer. Load this file into the free Garmin BaseCamp program and then into your portable; you do this by imported the gpx file. Make sure you have connected your portable to BaseCamp and have saved your old files before you load my file into your portable. This file also contains some of my routes around Montana and a lot of Seaplane bases around the United States. Remember BaseCamp can have multiple files but the 796 can only have one. In BaseCamp you can copy and paste between files. This would allow to copy what you want from my files into your file and then down load the combined one to your Garmin portable.

Garmin does not make it easy because they require 3 programs to keep your aviation portable updated and in sync.  MapSource, which used to do this is no longer used. Use the following Garmin programs:

  1. BaseCamp for all waypoints and routes.
  2. WebUpdater for software in you Garmin Aviation Portable.
  3. MapInstall to load Garmin 100k and 24k maps into Garmin portables.
Waypoints routes for Garmin portables Mar 2016.gpx
Tom Bass,
Mar 1, 2016, 3:44 PM