Red Shirt Lake Cabin 1

There are four cabins on Red Shirt Lake. Cabin one is best choice for float planes. When you tie up behind the island you have the best protection and the best cabin. Cabin one is the largest followed by cabin three, four and then two which is a standard size. Cabin two allows you to tie up on either side of the point. It is easy to see from the lake side where there is a nice tie up beach but it is not as protected as the inside the bay which is a little harder to find. Cabin three is on an island which has a good drop off point but not a good tie up point. When I was there the wind was blowing at about ten knots and the tie up was iffy, walked around the island and could not find another option. This cabin would be good groups in canoes or kayaks.Cabin 4 has a little protection. With a sand beach and the point the plane was safe for three days with no problem. In normal weather I would pick this cabin as my second choice.  Fire wood is in short supply in all Red Shirt Lake cabins.

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Tie up in front of cabin.
Tie in back of the Island, should be great in any condition. This is about 100 feet from cabin.