Nancy Lake Cabin 1

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 There are four cabins on the west side of Nancy Lake. Cabins 1, 2, and 4 are accessible by a trail system. All cabins are accessible by boat or plane.  Cabin one has a bullet proof tie up spot which could handle any weather situation. Cabin 3 is the most exposed and cabin 4 has a dock which would be great in mild weather. Cabin 2 has the second best airplane tie up spot but it is not anywhere near as good as the tie up spot for cabin 1. I would pick cabin 1 for up to four people and cabin 4 for a group. Cabin 4 is huge and is great for large family groups.

 Pictures below are of cabin 1 at Nancy Lake

This small cove to the right of the cabin, when looking at it from the lake is a storm proof tie up in any condition.