16 Nancy Lake Area

Copy of ALASKA CABINS in EXCEL 2012 Jan 29 Nancy Lake

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There are eleven cabins in the Nancy Lake area. The vast majority of the people who use these cabins are from the population areas around Anchorage. They are not coming by plane. Most come by car, walk in, small trailered boats, or snowmobiles in the winter.  The big advantage of this area is it is close to Anchorage and the chance of getting weathered in is less than any of the other regions. The cabins all have wood stoves and no cut wood, you have to bring your own or find it the woods, which is difficult. These cabins are great for a family outing but do not have the beauty or remoteness of the cabins in the other regions. None of the Nancy Lake cabins have a boat or canoe.  The Nancy Lake Marina has a small store, cabins, restaurant and 100LL. Their phone number is 907 495 6284. The are located on the east side of the lake, check my Garmin way points or the Alaska Supplement for Lat/Long.

Link to State Park Cabin information. http://dnr.alaska.gov/parks/cabins/matsu.htm

The above link  and the map below covers all cabins in the area, the ones in my spreadsheet are the ones which are float plane accessible. 

There is at discussion for options under cabin one for each lake on what is the best cabin for your plane or group.

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