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Pillar Lake Cabin

Pillar Lake Cabin is one of the best cabins in the system. You have a standard cabin in good shape, a small protected lake, a safe place to tie up the plane and an ocean beach. The lake is .9 miles long so it is not a good place for an overloaded airplane. The good news is the wind is coming from the south over the beach which will give you some help on takeoff. I landed here in about 15 knots of wind by slowing down, putting in full flaps and going down the valley where the red arrow is on the map. The good thing about this approach is if your plane is not going to make it you can fly over the spit which encloses the lake. If I was going to spend some time in Kodiak in a cabin and was not looking for bears this is the one I would pick.

Link to State Park Cabin information. http://dnr.alaska.gov/parks/cabins/index.htm