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Copy of ALASKA CABINS in EXCEL 2012 Jan 29 Kodiak

For reservations on the cabins run by the NWRA go to: (all of the cabins on this page are not on lakes)  http://www.recreation.gov/camping/Kodiak_National_Wildlife_Refuge/r/campsiteSearch.do?contractCode=NRSO&parkId=75541&selectedSiteRb=290386 

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Kodiak Island and Afognak Island form a very remote area of great beauty and wildlife. All the cabins in this area are well maintained. The state cabins are normal size and the refuge cabins are a little bigger. All of the cabins have a separate shed for storing game until a plane can pick you up. Leaving meat in this area would not last long with all the bears around. The town of Kodiak is a good resupply point and has a great float plane dock which is safe in any weather. Some of the cabins in this area are great for bear watching with some of the world best known bear observers spending their summers filming the bears from the cabins. 

Warning: The lat/longs for the Kodiak cabins in most cases give you the middle of the lake or some point on the lake which has little to do with the cabin. We spent a lot of time looking for the cabins which are often deep in the trees. The really bad ones were Laura Lake, South Frazer, Uganik Lake, and Waterfall Lake Cabins. These are off by over a mile in most cases. Use my way points or my Garmin loads.

Kodiak Phone Numbers

Taxi                                        907 942 4141

Trident Seaplane Base Fuel 907 486 8282

Best Western Kodiak Inn    907 486 5712 (First Choice)

Shelikof Inn                          907 486 5712

Wildlife Refuge                    907 487 2600

Link to Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge. http://kodiak.fws.gov/visiting_refuge.htm

Link to State Park Cabin information. http://dnr.alaska.gov/parks/cabins/index.htm

Look at this map in Satellite mode to see Float Plane Dock. Increase size to see how it is connected to town. This is a great dock and you can tie down to cover any wind situation. Located on Near Island.

Google Map

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This map includes all the cabins not just the ones on lakes. It does not include the two state cabins.