14 Kenai Peninsula West

Copy of ALASKA CABINS in EXCEL 2012 Jan 29 Kenai West

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All of the cabins in this area are in the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge except for China Poot Lake. There are several cabins in this area on great lakes which are off limits to aircraft. I had trouble reading the Alaska Supplement and the Refuge rules which in many cases seemed to be in conflict. During the summer of 2011 I called the Kenai Refuge office and the cabins I have in the website are the ones they agreed were legal. Because of changing rules I might give them a call before heading out to a cabin. The cabins in this section are completely different than the ones in the east. Most of these cabins are in flat lands and for the most part marsh lands. Several of these cabins are in cabins which have been restored. Some of them look a little rundown from the outside, but all are highly usable and interesting.  Kenai is the best town for resupply; they have a good float pond and the lowest price fuel I have seen in Alaska. If you are going on to Kodiak the best place is to wait in Homer for weather. There is no easy way to get fuel in Homer so make sure you land with there with enough fuel to get to you next stop. If you are staying in the Kenai area an are not going out to a cabin see Daniels Lake Lodge

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Kenai Wildlife Refuge website: http://kenai.fws.gov/cabin.htm

Homer Beluga Lake

Lake Side Lodge             907-235-8924

Float Plane Lodge         877-235- 9600       907-235-4160

Beluga Lake lodge, on hill on road to spit looking over the lake. Along this road is a good place to tie up.  907 235 5995

Bald Mountain Fuel this is cans, no direct fuel on Beluga Lake               907-235-7969

Kenai area


 Daniels Lake Lodge  This is a nice Bed and Breakfast where you can land your plane and walk 50 feet to your room. Plane is well protected but is out of town. 907 776 5578          


Taxi   907 262 5050 Taxi   907 262 4200 

Louie's Steak House 907 282 3660 

   When I go to Kenai to resupply I land on the pond at the airport, go to the self-serve fuel, park at the west end of the pond in the transit slips and call a cab. Go to town get a good meal at Louie's,  walk two blocks to the Safeway and then call a cab to back to the plane.