13 Kenai Peninsula East

Copy of ALASKA CABINS in EXCEL 2012 Jan 29 Kenai East

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There are not any resupply points for a float plane on the east side of the Kenai Peninsula. Look at the information under Copper River Delta, Kenai Peninsula West and Nancy Lake Area, this will cover the towns of Cordova, Kenai and Anchorage. Anchorage is also covered under Anchorage in the commercial section. In 2011 I made my second trip to this area and think for people who love the Alaska Cabin system this area has got to be one of the best places to experience the cabin adventure. The cabins in this area are in the mountains and the valleys which make them more scenic than the ones in the west which are in the flat lands.  The population density in the Anchorage area and the small number of cabins available makes these cabins high use and reservations way in advance are required. The Chugach National Forest is doing a great job of updating and maintaining their cabins.  They have a long range plan, which if followed, will insure quality cabins for a long time in the future. The Chugach example should be followed by all the agencies which manage other public cabins. In 2011 I ran Into Pat Cook who is in charge of cabin maintenance for the Chugach area. What impressed me was the extra effort he went to make the cabin special. Take a look at the Upper Russian Lake cabin to get an idea what a little extra effort does. 

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