Coghill Lake Cabin

New deck being built.

This cabin is a 16x16 foot A-frame. This bay where the cabin sits is about 3/4th mile long but connected to a huge lake by a passage. Line up on the points on the north side of the bay in the pond where the cabin is (See the red line on the picture below). In this area it is deep enough. The south side of the little pond and west of the cabin is shallow.  The outlet to the sound is very shallow. The outlet between the pond and the lake is easy to navigate in a float plane. First time you land I would land in the lake and taxi to the pond.

This cabin offers a secluded getaway with much variety in scenery, vegetation, and wildlife. Fishing is excellent from the lakeshore, the stream, and the lagoon at the lake outlet. The cabin is in broken, open country with a view of glaciers—majestic photographic subjects. Salmonberries and blueberries are numerous near the cabin. The adventurous may enjoy hiking to Port Wells (There is a 3 mile trail but the brush is often thick). I was at this cabin in August of 2011 and they were adding a new deck and fixing up the cabin. 

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Picture from lake looking to bay where cabin is. Passage between the two is easy for a float plane to pass through.

Could land in bay, watch for shallow spots. Line up with the two points in upper left of the photo. First time there land in the lake.