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Vitus Lake Cabin

There are two cabins in this area run by the state park system. Vitus and Mid timber. Both cabins are identical in design. There is a trail between which you can see on the Google map in Satellite mode. Mid Timber is the cabin you want to go to because the glacier is filling up the lake at Vitus with ice bergs. In 2011 I landed in Vitus Lake and taxed through the ice to about a mile from the cabin. We could not get through the bushes so we slogged along the lake line to get to the cabin. Depending on the ice there probably is no easy way to get there. There is a runway at the south end of Vitus lake and some buildings which house a research team which is studying the ice flow. It looks like there is a trail between the runway and Vitus cabin but I have not tried it. Check with the air services in Cordova and they can probably tell you the status of the ice at this cabin. Do not go by the satellite pictures because they are out of date. 

Link to State Park Cabin information. http://dnr.alaska.gov/parks/cabins/gulf.htm

Link to State Park Cabin reservation information. http://dnr.alaska.gov/parks/cabins/reserv.htm

The cabin is in the middle bay on the left side totally blocked by an ice flow.

This is where we parked the plane and walked a mile to the cabin. Possible but difficult.

Our parking place for a day hike.

Getting ice for happy hour.

The way out to the channel.