08 Juneau

Copy of ALASKA CABINS in EXCEL 2012 Jan 29 Juneau

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Fss Juneau 1907-789-7380

Ed Grossman Cabin Manager(907) 789-6237

Wing Nut Aviation 1907 789 0324

Fuel Aero services  1-907-789-0055

Extended stay motel 1907 790 6435 

Aspen Hotel   1907 5000 7700    

Juneau Baranof Hotel 1907 586 2660

Grandma's Motel   (907) 789-5566

Juneau is a great place to resupply. Flying into the Juneau pond is always fun. Tie up at the west end of the pond at the transit docks. There always seems to be a spot available.  Then call Aero Services, there are other fuel suppliers available but this is the one you want because they are a full service FBO. They will get you a hotel room and loan you a car to get supplies. The best hotel at the airport is the Aspen Hotel and the best one downtown is the Baranof.  Fred Myers is near the airport is one stop shopping for most cabin needs. Grandms's Motel is very close and has a small restaurant with good food.  

Before you land on the pond make sure you know the rules, a taxi violation will get you in trouble. The pattern for taxing is clockwise. Sometimes to dock into the wind you have to do a tear drop maneuver in the landing area. Do not even think about doing this without tower approval. This was the rule in 2014, read the Orange Supplement to make sure you are up to date.