Young Lake North Cabin

Young Lake North 2010

I have been to this cabin numerous times.  It was updated in 2010 and look great.  It is close to Juneau and is a good choice if the weather is bad. It is easy to get into and out of as long as you line up on my red square entry points. Coming in from the south lining up on the right valley in low visibility can be difficult.  Going north from the cabin is a great trail along the stream which is the outflow of the lake. Young Lake has an early salmon run compared to other lakes and the north end of the lake is the best place to take advantage of  early run.

This is 1 of 2 cabins on the lake (the other is the South Young Lake Cabin) You are in Brown Bear country. Bears frequent the area and trail particularly during salmon runs July through August. The Admiralty Cove-Young Lake trail is a 4½ mile trail that departs from the cabin and ends at the Admiralty Cove Cabin. It is a relatively flat trail and follows the creek at each end of the trail. The round trip hike can be fairly strenuous when conditions are very wet. The lake is on a flight path and has some overhead plane traffic. 

Lots to do at this cabin, one of my favorites.

Link to Forest Service site.

Link to to book cabin.

Remodel in 2010 with light wood, very nice.

Nothing like a glass of Crown Royal with ice from a local iceberg,

New bear box and oil tank.