Florence Lake Cabin

Florence Lake Cabin is at the east end of Florence Lake. It is a standard A-frame with a good beach for your plane. I have not been here during a good wind but potentially it could be a problem. The cabin sits back 150' (46 m) from the beach. Much of the surrounding area is private land and has been clear-cut. Clear-cut’s and roads are visible from the cabin. You are in brown bear country. Both brown bear and deer can be seen in the area. Deer hunting is a popular fall activity. A 1-mile (1.6 km) trail to saltwater begins on the north side of the outlet stream at the west end of the lake. You are surrounded by Shee Atika Corporation lands and a permit is necessary to hike from the cabin. Fee information and application forms are available from the corporation by calling toll-free 1-800-478-3534. This cabin is great for hunting but not one I would select for a summer vacation. This cabin and surrounding land is similar to Kathleen Lake Cabin, if you are going hunting either would work about the same

Link to Forest Service site.


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Rack is to keep bears out of game which has been hunted.

Easy access to plane.