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Redoubt Lake Cabin Closed

Redoubt Lake Cabin Wiped out by Slide in 2013, The cabin was about where the X is and there were two people in it who survived. There are no plans to replace the cabin.

Redoubt Cabin was a 16x16 A-frame at the east end of a nine mile long lake. You can get some serious wind and wave action down this lake. Fortunately the stream at the cabin is deep enough to pull your plane into to get excellent protection. There are probably times when the depth of the lake would not allow you to get into the stream, if that happens make sure you have a plan B. I have not fished at this cabin but the log says the fishing is good especially after mid August. There is a trail system which connects this cabin to Salmon Lake and then to Silver Bay. 

Link to Forest Service site. http://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/tongass/recreation/camping-cabins/recarea/?recid=79117&actid=101

4 miles to Salmon Lk and 6 miles to Silver Bay.

Great protected beach on stream. On low water may not be able to get into stream.