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Plotnikof Lake Cabin

Need info on activities and how good the moorage is for leaving your plane on high wind situations.  Email tmbass@gmail.com

The cabin is a standard 12x14 Pan Adobe.  The lake is at an altitude of 600 feet and is very long making the entry an easy one. I have not been here during a big wind but the beach is ok, the way the lake curves should give some protection. The cabin is about 200 feet from the beach and is lined by berry bushes. The steep sides of the mountains make for some stunning views both coming in and from the cabin. I have only been here once but was met on the beach by a black bear checking out the berries. The bear was an optical illusion as we came in, we both though it was a cub. As we got closer and closer the bear grew. When I got to the beach  he turned out to be about four years old and was not in the least bit concerned until I started yelling at him.


Bear of the beach was not scared of the plane.

Great view from cabin.

Cabin hard to see from lake.