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Goulding Lake Cabin

This cabin is on the north end of Chichagof Island about 75 miles north of Sitka. By looking at the logs it seems its main use is hunters. The cabin is a typical A frame with two bunks on the bottom floor and a good sleeping loft. I was there in 2008 and it had a good supply of fire wood and a great stove. I have not explored this area except by plane. There is a series of lakes all tied together. The tie up for the plane is a nice beach in a well protected cove.

Need info on activities and how good the moorage is for leaving your plane in high wind situations.  Email tmbass@gmail.com

Link to Forest Service site. http://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/tongass/recreation/camping-cabins/recarea/?recid=79078&actid=101                           

Link to Recreation.gov to book cabin.  http://www.recreation.gov/camping/Goulding_Lake_Cabin_Ak/r/campgroundDetails.do?contractCode=NRSO&parkId=71857&topTabIndex=CampingSpot