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Petersburg Lake Cabin

Great new cabin

Petersburg Lake Cabin is a large cabin with large decks on the back and front. The lake is a little more than a mile long with 200 foot trees at each end, once you clear the trees there are three different valleys you can leave by. At a 100 feet elevation you think this is a place you would not get stuck at. In 2010 I spent an extra 3 days due to rain and fog. There is a 10 mile trail going to a beach across from the town of Petersburg, note captions under pictures to see what this can mean. The other great thing about this cabin is the protected beach to tie up the plane. The cabin sits on a little point and there is a protected beach, one of the safest in the cabin system. We saw moose and bear from this site. A porcupine walked a few feet from the cabin, not a good place for dogs.

Link to Forest Service site. http://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/tongass/recreation/camping-cabins/recarea/?recid=79017&actid=101

Link to Recreation.gov to book cabin.   http://www.recreation.gov/camping/Petersburg_Lake_Cabin_Ak/r/campgroundDetails.do?contractCode=NRSO&parkId=71820&topTabIndex=CampingSpot

Lake is a little small, line up on red squares.

Great back deck

Good layout, good stove.

Good views while cooking.

10 mile hike from Petersburg, might get a drop ins.
10 mile hike from Petersburt means you may get a visitor. 
Tie up beach is one of the best in Alaska, will handle any weather.
One of the most protected tie up spots in the cabin system.