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Anan Lake Cabin

This Cabin is on the short list to be closed, your use of it is the only thing which can keep it open.

Great cabin, good tie up.

This standard Alaska cabin is one of my favorites; I seem to end up in it every trip. It has a good beach for the plane and a beautiful trail between the two lakes. The cabin is between the lakes, right next to a fast running stream. A boat is kept at the upper lake so you could fish both lakes. For some reason this is a low use cabin which means you can usually get it the same day. The chart shown has a red square with a code of (RWP ANAN) this is a system I use to make sure I am flying up the right valley, RWP stands for Route Way Point. Under the red box is the Anan Bear Park run by the forest service. I have not been because there is not a good place to put your plane. Depending on the tide you might be able to work it out. I have not seen a bear at this cabin but I have seen signs.

The plane looks really good.

Good views

Good fishing.

Fast flowing stream next to cabin.

Beautiful trail to upper lake.