Salmon LK Thorne Bay

This is a great historic cabin.

This cabin is on a trail system from the ocean, through Karta lake, to Salmon lake and then on to Anderson creek. Everyone loves this cabin. It has a great beach with great afternoon sun. There is an island one hundred yards in front of the cabin which will give your plane protection in any situation. The Cabin is built of cedar shakes and its construction is unique in the cabin system. The fishing in the streams that connect the lakes is excellent. This cabin has several items which are the best, check them out below. When making a reservation make sure you do not confuse with Salmon Bay Lake or Salmon Lake Sitka.

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Salmon Lake

Not built with logs, all from split shingles,

Close to the beach.

Great fishing

Great Beach

Great view from outhouse
View from the outhouse.
Tie up is well protected with a great beach.

Great trail system.