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Shelokum Lk Hotsprings

Normally I do not include shelters in this site but if there is a hot spring 100 yards away I decided it should be included.  The location of this site is not shown correctly on the Tongass Forest site.  The Shelter is located at N55.9831 W131.66048. When I was there in July of 2012 you could not take a plane down the stream which goes to the shelter so we parked about ½ mile from the cabin on the south side of the stream entrance. There is trail on this side of the lake which goes to the bay which gives you access to this site by boat. The trail was easy but there was lots of mud, so take your boots. If you like shelters this one is in good shape. There was no wood so you will have to collect it. The hot springs are great and you can control the hot and cold water to your liking. When we were there the bugs were there too.  Bugs seem to be in a place for a few weeks and then they are gone so bug reports are not very accurate.