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McDonald Lake Cabin

There are a lot of things to do at this cabin; it is a standard cabin with a large covered deck. It is also close to Ketchikan so it is booked up most of the time. This is one to book early. Right where the cabin shows on the map is a little island which the cabin sits on, the island is connected to the shore with a bridge where you tie the plane. The first time I went into the cabin I did go far enough to see the bridge. When you come around the point stay out 100 feet from the cabin and then come in closer to the shore than the island. I found a rock near the cabin side about 100 feet from the dock. The good fishing place for me has been where the lake out flows to the ocean. This is about 1000 feet from the cabin. You can also walk down to the lodge. This hike does not look to long on a map but plan 3 hours each way. The bears like this place because the salmon migrate up the stream. The lodge will take overnight visitors but it is pricey. The dock at the lodge is OK for overnight parking if you are staying at Yes Bay. 

This is one of my favorite cabins.