A web site for every public lake cabin in Alaska which is float plane accessible. Built by Tom Bass tmbass@gmail.com for the float plane community and those who want to visit the most beautiful cabins in the world. Options to see cabins if you do not have a plane:  How to get to cabins

Lake Cabins of Alaska

Video to Taku Glacier and West Turner Lake Cabin

To document cabins that have been closed they will remain listed with photos showing them when I saw them at their best. If we do not use these cabins we are going to lose them. The site will show them as inactive.

Take a tour, click on a yellow cabin for details.

Earth Point Excel To KML

Map work done by Susan Jasmann who is pictured in many of the cabins.

Codes used on charts and in Garmin way points are  defined on the following attachment. 

You can also paste this link:  https://docs.google.com/document/edit?hgd=1&id=1YF7O4fREuKTn16whXpmlRnnB5On34bNaoS6T0cU5JJc

Code system for Garmin/cabins 2012-2-19

The black line is the preferred route from Seattle to Ketchikan for planes on floats.  The colored routes are various options when the weather deteriorates.  See  Route Planning 

Why I built this web site.
I have spent most of my vacation time going to Alaska. Most of these trips are about a month long and at age 70 I like the comfort of a cabin, this is even more true if a few bears are around. Although there is a lot of data on Alaska and the cabin system it is not focused on individuals flying their own planes to the cabins. Ninety nine percent of the people I have seen at a cabin were flown in by a charter service. Private planes are just not going to Alaska as often as they did between 1960 and 1990. This has caused the usage to go down and has caused the Forest Service to reduce maintenance. If we do not use the cabins we will lose them. The lack of money being spent is likely to get worse as budgets tighten. The second reason is there is no single point of focus for seaplanes to collect data about Alaska lakes with cabins on them. The concept of this site is for people to add information on activities and airplane related data such as landing, takeoff, and mooring issues. Updates are done by emailing me at tmbass@gmail.com. If you are going to a lake where my data is limited take a set of pictures which show, the whole cabin, the tie up location, views, and cabin interior.  Web sites do not require high pixel density photos, 1200x800 is OK. For anyone going to the cabins who does own a float plane this is a great resource to pick the type of cabin which will fit your needs. Look under area headings and I have recommendation of charter services to get you from the city to the cabin.

West Turner Cabin

How to use this site: This site covers a great deal of information designed for the pilot planning his first trip or a non-pilot picking a cabin for the family summer vacation. If you do not have a plane you can either walk in to some of the cabins or hire a charter service to fly you to the cabin. For more information on how to use this site go to:  Miscellaneous Information

If you would like to be informed of major updates or regulations send me an email requesting website updates and you will be notified. Send to tmbass@gmail.com

Big Shaheen Cabin.

The information on this site was collected over the last ten years by Tom Bass. Please email  corrections to tmbass@gmail.com    If you have been to one of these sites and have better information or pictures send me your email address along with pictures and a phone number and I will give you a call to get the data updated.

Tom at Manzanita Cabin
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